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Gibberd Gardens HarlowThe Gibberd Gardens, Harlow and Sir Frederick Gibberd

Sir Frederick Ernest Gibberd (7 January 1908-- 9 January 1984) was an English architect, town coordinator and landscape designer. Gibberd was born in Coventry, the oldest of the 5 kids of a regional tailor, and was educated at the city's King Henry VIII School. In 1925 he was articled to a company of architects in Birmingham and researched architecture under William Bidlake at the Birmingham School of Art, where his room-mate was F. R. S. Yorke

Sir Frederick Gibberd, CBE, RA carried out 94 significant jobs throughout his architectural profession. These consisted of Liverpool Catholic Cathedral, the first 3 Heathrow terminals, The Central Mosque in Regents Park, the landscaping of the Kielder Reservoir and the master plan for Harlow brand-new town. He was made a CBE in 1954 and got a knighthood in 1967. Elected a Royal Academician in 1969, part of his own collection of artwork, consisting of works by John Piper, Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore, was contributed by him to the Harlow Council, and is now shown in the Civic Centre.

In 1946 he was designated master-planner for Harlow New Town and his initial plan for the town is concerned by lots of as his biggest accomplishment. Choosing to reside in the town he had actually created, he purchased the home in Marsh lane in 1955 and set about developing the Yard you see today. In 1972, following the losses of his first spouse, he wed once again, this time to somebody who had contacts with a variety of sculptors. Woman Gibberd was an energetic member or the Harlow Art Count on and assisted select numerous of the sculptures which have actually made Harlow the title of Sculpture Town. In the years that followed up until his losses in 1984 Sir Frederick and his spouse purchased or commissioned more that eighty sculptures, which were independently sited around the yard to boost and suit the natural attributes. This tradition might still be valued by site visitors today.

Harlow is considereded the most effective of Britain's post-war brand-new towns and features as an object lesson in modern-day architecture and town. Gibberd's book "Harlow: The tale of a New Town", filled in partnership with Len White and Ben Hyde Harvey, is required reading for anybody with an interest in such issues.

A few of his remarkable designs consist of; Ellington Court, Southgate, London; Terminal Structures 1 -3, Heathrow Flight terminal, near London, Civic Centre, Saint Albans, Hertfordshire; Fulwell Cross Collection, Ilford; Inter-Continental Hotel, Hyde Park Edge; Coutts Bank Head office, London; London Central Mosque, Regents Park, London.

The Gibberd Garden

The gardens of his individual house at Marsh Lane, on the borders of Harlow, a blend of formal and casual design, consists of architectural aspects restored from his restoration of Coutt's Bank in London. The yard is sited on the side of a little valley which slopes down to the Pincey Brook. Occupying some 7 acres it never ever had a master plan. Sir Frederick was an instinctive gardener with a clear concept of exactly what he desired: if it worked, well and good, if it didn't, root it out and attempt something else!


At the time of his 2nd marital relationship there were just 3 sculptures in the Garden. It is substantial that the late Lady Gibberd's wedding present to him was Gerda Rubinstein's sculpture, 'City' (now on the eastern outdoor patio). Throughout the twelve years of their marital relationship the variety of sculptures expanded and the yard now offers setups for some eighty sculptures, ceramic pots and architectural salvage. There is a gazebo, an opportunity of lime trees, a falls in the creek as well as a kids's moated castle with a drawbridge. In Sir Frederick's own words: 'Garden design is an art of area, like architecture and town design. The area, to be a recognisable design, have to be consisted of and the plants and walls including it then enter into surrounding areas. The yard has therefore become a collection of spaces, each with its own character, from little intimate areas to big confined leads.' A check out to the Garden will completely show this viewpoint.


Hugh Johnson, the author of books on wine and gardening, saw the yard establish and has actually composed: 'There are couple of yards in England where examination and the mind are more regularly promoted and entertained. Entertained is the key word. Sir Frederick's Garden is first and foremost a home entertainment. Highbrow cultivation is not the point. It is landscape as theater.'.

The Gibberd Rooms.

Your home is located in the Green Belt and Sir Frederick was rejected approval to destroy it and change it with among his own design. He for that reason started an extreme improvement of the initial structure, consisting of the addition of a soaring living-room with picture windows disregarding the yard, a dining room and collection. This extension is the basis for the spaces now open to the general public on a timed gain access to on Sunday mid-days. Entry passes � 1.00, kids cost-free, are readily available at the store.

The spaces have actually been recovered as far as possible to their initial look in the sixties and all the furnishings and fittings are real. Models of a few of Sir Frederick's jobs are on screen, with much info on his life time's work. It is hoped that site visitors will have the ability to regain a few of the sensation of your house as it was in his day.

Much of the initial Scandinavian furnishings purchased in the sixties is still in place. The walls were as soon as hung with works by John Piper, Elisabeth Frink, Henry Moore, Paul Nash and various other renowned contemporaries. They were all, regretfully, auctioned off by order of the court in 1994, 10 years after Sir Frederick's losses, to defray legal expenses sustained by years of fruitless litigation. There continue to be, nonetheless, numerous pieces of salvage gathered by Gibberd, pictures, souvenirs and fifty sets of Staffordshire pet dogs (and 2 sets of cats) organized as he had actually made. The collection and archives are offered for authentic research.


London SolicitorsSadly, Gibberd was in dispute with his children towards the end of his life and solicitors in London were called in to sort out the mess. The solicitors ended up with greater financial benefit than the children.

The Gibberd Archive.

Sir Frederick Gibberd's collection and archive have actually been catalogued and are kept in your home in the Garden, with the exception of his architectural illustrations, many of which are housed in the Drawings Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The spaces have actually been brought back as far as possible to their initial look in the sixties and all the furnishings and fittings are real. Models of a few of Sir Frederick's jobs are on show, with much details on his life time's work. It is hoped that site visitors will have the ability to regain a few of the sensation of your house as it was in his day.

Topics covered consist of architecture, art, gardening, trip, developing & engineering, town, bio, landscape design and Sir Frederick's diaries, strategies, books & illustrations of the Garden.


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