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Bobby Moore


Famous People from London - Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore was England’s most celebrated football player during his career. He was born on 12th April 1941 near Ilford in an industrial area of London. According to Moore himself, he wasn’t a remarkable baby with great promise but what he lacked he made sure he made up to it through sheer determination and practice. Moore has a choice between cricket and Football in his early age; he decided to go for the latter. He joined the West Ham United and initiated his career as a footballer from there. He would go on to make remarkable victories over his illustrious career.

Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore landed a position with West ham United through sheer luck. Noticeable for his hard work rather than talent or inborn skill, Moore was selected by the league after being passed over on his first match. It was the second chance that the manager decided to grant Moore in which the young player was successful in proving himself. Moore was a great listener who noted everything the senior players had to say and worked really hard to achieve his goals. His mentor was Malcolm Allison who he would later replace on the shirt number six. It was in a match against Manchester United that Moore made his first appearance on the ground of football. That was the only victorious match Moore played in that season for West Ham united.

Bobby Moore was known for his cool composure and the calm he used to display under intense pressure. In the World Cup of 1966 during which he was the captain of England, Moore was known to have been the very symbol of calmness and composed personality. Despite the competition, Moore helped England fly through the tournaments with great ease, landing himself and the nation 1966 World Cup. Some say that he was a born leader, an aspect that was quite visible by just looking at him.

Several doubted Bobby Moore ability and his position as a captain in the world cup of 1966. Considered as young and still under training, many were doubtful of the responsibility he had been handed out. In those years, one of the main requirements to compete in the tournament was that you needed to be a part of a club. Moore has a dispute going on upon the renewal of the contract which he finally did in order to maintain his position as the captain and play against Uruguay in the opening match coming up. The final match at Wembley of England vs. West Germany is considered the pinnacle of the whole tournament. With seconds remaining, Moore played the game with great calm and helped the nation win the win. It is one of the most remembered and accounted for moment in Moore’s career. Moore was arguably the greatest stars of the tournament. It is said that in 1966 World Cup each player played like a champion and that was later proved by their victory on the ground.

In his last years of the career and after that, Moore saw a decline in his popularity and demand. Diagnosed with bowel cancer, Moore passed away in the year 1993.